Congrats to our latest Country Crew winners (look for an email with more info!)



December 9: McDonald’s – Millie Heimbecker, Mary Banman, Ian Barrett, Karen Reid, Steve Gofton

December 2: Woodstock Choralaires – Sylvia Michell, Lorraine Embury



October 21: Tillsonburg Thunder – Sylvia Michell, Robert Preston, Robert Hannaberry, Pat Hoorelbeke, Steve Gofton, Chris Nagtegaal, Dave West

October 21: Florida Georgia Line CD – Joanna Hiemstra, Lisa Clements, Victoria Sturgeon, Ruth Czeranko. Jane Fleming

October 21: Jeff Dunham – Tammy Killam

October 14: Theatre Woodstock – Chris Nagtegaal, Karen Reid, Michelle Bijsterveld

October 7: Norfolk Fair – Dianna Shelly, Tammy Atkinson, Teresa Wetherup, Jim Leach, Dianna Doner

October 7: Gord Bamford – Jess Terpstra, Lorie Jamieson, Tom Hill

October 7: S&D Country Market – Jane Fleming



September 30: Gord Bamford – Lisa Clements, Alison Fleming

September 23: Psychic Expo – Kevin MacKay, Robert Preston, Cassie Close, Kim Sessions, Robert Hannaberry, Steve Seguin

September 3: McDonald’s – Millie Heimbecker



August 26: Western Fair – Norma Nickol, Melissa Boesterd, Kristin Weber, Mary Banmnan, Brad Beaudoin

August 26: McDonald’s – Ian Barrett

August 26: Victoria Playhouse Petrolia – Robert Preston, Marg Gilbert, Jaden Campbell, Lorraine Embury, Sylvia Michell

August 19: McDonald’s – Rachelle Douglas, Tammy Stone

August 19: Sundance Balloons – Karen Vaughan

August 12: McDonald’s – Jaden Campbell



July 29: McDonald’s – Denise Kennedy

July 22: McDonald’s – Chris Fisher

July 15: McDonald’s – Jody Woods

July 8: McDonald’s – Mary Banman

July 8: Whirlpool Niagara – Matthew Vanberlo, Joanna Hiemstra

July 8: Rocks the Park – Lisa Clements, Cathy Beaudoin, Rosemarie Staples



June 10: Beer & BBQ Show – Karen Vaughan, Alyssa Williams, Chris Nagtegaal, Lisa Clements, Sheila VanYmeren

June 3: Terri Clark – Kristin Weber, Denise Kennedy, Erica Campbell, Jeff Vogrincic, Trish Holcombe



May 27: Fleetwood Country Cruize-in – John Michell

May 6: Boots & Hearts – Angie Kerry



If you have any questions about your prize please EMAIL or call 519-907-1104.