NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – JUNE 09: Reba McEntire performs on stage during day two of CMA Fest 202 at Nissan Stadium on June 09, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Terry Wyatt/WireImage)

Happy birthday, Reba! The country star turns 69 today. With a career spanning decades, this vivacious redhead has become a household name, celebrated not only for her powerful vocals but also for her versatility and charisma. While many fans are well-acquainted with her chart-topping hits and successful acting career, there are still some surprising facets of Reba McEntire’s life that remain hidden. Let’s delve into five lesser-known facts about her.

  1. Rodeo Roots:

Before conquering the stage, Reba McEntire was no stranger to the world of rodeo. Raised on a ranch in Chockie, Oklahoma, she developed a passion for barrel racing. In fact, she excelled in the sport and even had aspirations of pursuing it professionally. However, fate had other plans for Reba, leading her down the path of country music. Nevertheless, her rodeo background remains an integral part of her identity, contributing to the authenticity and raw energy that characterize her performances.

  1. Broadway Aspirations:

While Reba is celebrated for her success in country music, few know about her aspirations to conquer Broadway. In 2001, she took on the lead role in the Broadway production of “Annie Get Your Gun.” Surprisingly, this venture wasn’t just a musical whim; Reba received critical acclaim for her performance, earning a Drama Desk Award nomination. This Broadway chapter showcased her versatility as an entertainer, proving that her talent transcends genres.

  1. Tragic Flight:

In a chilling turn of events, Reba McEntire faced a life-altering tragedy in 1991. A private plane carrying her and her band crashed, resulting in the loss of eight lives, including members of her road crew and band. This heart-wrenching incident profoundly impacted Reba, leading her to question the direction of her career and life. Despite the immense grief, she found solace and strength in her music, eventually continuing her journey in the industry.

  1. Business Savvy:

Beyond her musical prowess, Reba McEntire is a savvy businesswoman with a keen entrepreneurial spirit. She established herself as a formidable brand, venturing into various business endeavors. From launching her own line of clothing and accessories to developing a successful line of home goods, Reba has proven that her talents extend far beyond the stage. Her business acumen has contributed to her enduring success and has solidified her status as a multi-faceted entertainer.

  1. The Queen of Christmas:

While some may associate Reba McEntire primarily with country ballads, she has also earned the title of the “Queen of Christmas.” Her love for the holiday season led her to release two Christmas albums, featuring classic tunes and original holiday compositions. Her warm, festive spirit resonates through these albums, showcasing yet another dimension of her artistry. Whether crooning holiday classics or belting out heart-wrenching ballads, Reba continues to captivate audiences with her timeless charm.