SCIENCE: There is a 30% chance of having more success at whatever you do if you live your life with GRATITUDE.
I’ve had a rough couple of weeks (more on this later when the dust settles)…BUT I remain grateful for the rocks in my life who help me KEEP IT TOGETHER ????
This week, the Robin and PJ show turned 2 YEARS OLD, and there is nowhere I would rather be then up at a ridiculous hour and (hopefully) bringing JOY TO THE PEOPLE with THIS GUY!!
Every day we get to SHOW UP and SAY THINGS and LISTEN TO MUSIC…and someone actually PAYS US to do it!! Every day it continues to happen is a WIN.
Thanks for listening and continuing to support radio. ??
(Also…please call and bother PJ anytime ????)
You’re listening to the #RobinandPJ show ????
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