I’m a lot of things, but easy to be in a relationship with probably isn’t one of them – which probably explains why my track record with them isn’t that great.

I’m fiercely independent and am used to spending a fair amount of time doing WHATEVER I want, WHENEVER I want to.

I have high expectations of myself…and others. I want elements of excitement, adventure and passion combined with occasional periods of normal and boring.

Enter my awesome new boyfriend Rob, who is AMAZING! He’s a sweet, kind, romantic guy with a heart of gold and is fun and easy to be around. He’s confident in himself, lets me do what I need to do, and meets me in the middle. We compliment each other well.

Also, he’s EXCELLENT at surprises – especially my favourite kind – EXPERIENCE SURPRISES – which I’ve just learned yesterday when he showed up at work and SURPRISED ME with a HELICOPTER TOUR and lunch at a WINERY in Niagara! IT. WAS. AMAZING!!!!


I can’t even believe it’s happening to me, so I’m going to stop talking now so I don’t jinx it.

Hope your day was full of surprises too! (Good ones of course).

Xoxo Rob n’ Robin (our new couple name) AHA!!!!






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