It feels like the dog daze of winter right now. Aside from being invited to PJ’s for sushi night, and going showshoeing with my friend Jen and our dogs, things have mostly been freezing, quiet and boring this month….so you can imagine how GRATEFUL I felt when a COWBOY ON A WHITE HORSE (also known as a garbage truck) should pull up to my work and deliver flowers to the door!


I always promised myself I would keep putting an active effort into dating until I turned 50 – and if nothing happened by then, that I would pull down my online profiles and not worry about it anymore. I’ve really struggled with this. Don’t get me wrong – I have a great life. I’m successful, smart, funny and happy with where I’m at. I’ve got a great family, many wonderful friends and an amazing sidekick dog.

And YET – I feel that for some reason, finding my “person” is the one area of my life where I’ve been a total and consistent failure.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve focussed my efforts on meeting new people at in-person events – speeddating, meet-up groups, dog walks, etc. because historically, online dating has not produced a single decent result for me. The mindless swiping and the time and energy spent in boring conversations that don’t go anywhere has led me to a place where I’ve left my profiles up, but I rarely go in and do anything about it.

UNTIL NOW! Just before Christmas I went in randomly and swiped right on only 1 person. He wanted to meet right away, and I thought – FINALLY A PERSON WHO GETS IT!

We went for a 2-hour coffee date and have been hanging out since then. Is he ”MY PERSON?!” Who knows. We’re not there yet, but I’m sure glad that January FOR ONCE is off to a great start in the romance department.

(Hopefully this doesn’t jinx it! HA!)

Here’s hoping your January brings you a COWBOY or COWGIRL on a white horse….because everyone deserves to feel special, happy and loved.

Remaining grateful and hopeful as always,

Xo Robin


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