Photo credit:  LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – APRIL 05: (L-R) Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean attend the 54th Academy Of Country Music Awards Cumulus/Westwood One Radio Remotes on April 05, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for ACM)

Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean found themselves in a challenging situation on Friday night (Jan. 12) due to the harsh cold weather. Frigid temperatures and wind chill led to instrument failures on their airborne plane after departing from St. Louis, Missouri.

Undeterred by the adversity, the country superstar duo turned the ordeal into what Aldean humorously described as an “amazing day.” By the end of the night, they found themselves sharing a rental car, highlighting the unpredictability of each day.

While waiting in line at a drive-through Dairy Queen, Aldean and Bryan took to Instagram Live to recount their day with approximately 11,000 followers. Bryan shared the day’s events, including morning duck hunting, a flight to St. Louis, participation in the ATA Show with Buck Commander, and the unexpected turn of events during the 30-minute flight back.


As they took off from St. Louis in freezing conditions with temperatures at 16 degrees and winds gusting at 40 miles per hour, certain plane instruments malfunctioned, leading to a decision to land promptly. Despite the tense situation, the resilient duo opted for a rental car, transforming their journey into an impromptu road trip.

Now situated on I-55 at a Dairy Queen, enjoying some chicken fingers, the pair shared a light moment. Bryan playfully mentioned stopping to relieve himself by the roadside, with Aldean teasingly claiming the driver’s seat due to a lack of trust in Bryan’s driving skills.

In a candid on-camera order at Dairy Queen, Aldean requested a “regular cheeseburger with cheese and pickles only, fries, and a Coke,” along with a six-piece basket of chicken strips. Bryan opted for a “No. 1 with a Coke,” hinting at a cheeseburger with bacon, judging by a quick search on Dairy Queen’s website. The total bill came to $29.78, with Bryan appearing to cover the expenses.

For Aldean, the freezing weather and grounded plane contrasted sharply with his recent tropical vacation in Turks & Caicos. Meanwhile, Bryan has been wrapping up his Las Vegas residency, eagerly anticipating new music and a forthcoming tour in 2024.