Happy YEAR to you! (Because I feel it’s too late in the game to call it “NEW” anymore.)
I haven’t made any resolutions per say, but I AM hoping to get some things RESOLVED this year.???? Like:
1/ Will the CRA ever stop auditing me for my move to Ontario in 2022?! Let’s put this to BED.
2/ Why does Otis the Wonderdog keep waking me up in the middle of the night for no reason?!
3/ Can I handle another year of boring online dates?!
4/ What the heck am I doing for my 50th birthday in July?! (If you’ve got some great ideas let me know.)
Either way I remain grateful for the opportunity to keep doing all the things and saying all the things and knowing in the end that it will all work out!
Happy YEAR! Let’s make big things happen!
Xo Robin ????
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