Photo by Connie Chornuk via Getty Images

On the early morning of December 13, Luke Combs took to his social media to address a lawsuit filed in Florida on his behalf. The legal dispute revolves around a fan who was selling unauthorized homemade Luke Combs merchandise on Amazon.

Combs, who was previously unaware of the lawsuit, became aware of the situation through a news report from WFLA. The report detailed that Nicol Harness was facing a lawsuit demanding a payment of $250,000. This legal action was initiated because Harness allegedly sold 18 tumblers for $20 each, resulting in a total of $380.

Harness, who suffers from congestive heart failure and is unable to work a traditional 9-to-5 job, conveyed the stress caused by the situation. In an interview with the outlet, she stated, “It’s very stressful. I don’t have money to pay my bills. I just want this resolved. I didn’t mean any harm to Luke Combs. I quit selling the tumbler. I pulled it down. I just don’t understand.”

Watch Luke’s response below:


He explained, “We do have a company that goes after folks, only supposedly large corporations operating internationally that make millions and millions of dollars making counterfeit T-shirts, things of that nature, running illegal businesses. And apparently, this woman, Nicol, has somehow gotten wrapped into that, and that makes me absolutely sick to my stomach.”

“It makes me sick, honestly, that this would happen, especially at the holidays,” he said.

He promised to send her $11,000, which is double the amount that is locked up in her Amazon account, plus he is going to launch a tumbler in his official store and share “all that money” with Nicol and her family. He also invited Nicol and her family to a show so that he can give her a hug and “say sorry in person.”