We don’t deserve dogs – they are the best. Otis is my best little friend and I love him so much. He remains to this day, the BEST thing I own, and provides me with the unconditional love I have rarely found in any human partners.

He is NOT an easy dog…but I am NOT an easy human companion either…and that has provided some challenges for both of us along the way. Otis has always struggled with separation anxiety. As a pup, I relied heavily on my friends to help us make things work for a woman with a 4am start to her day, and a pup who wanted to be with her all the time….(and let’s be real…I want to be with him all the time too.)

He is smart and stubborn and sensitive, and often won’t take “no” for an answer.  We are the same being in human and dog form, and it takes a special person to want to be a part of our world.

Enter Logan Koeth – who we met the same way I’ve met all my friends here – by randomly approaching them on dog walks. We had only been in town a couple of months and I was looking for someone great to take Otis on his hour plus walks that he’s accustomed to full of new doggo friends and lots of SNIFF-SNOFFING time. We had just arrived at the park, and Logan was somehow easily getting 5 dogs into her small car all at the same time, as I struggled to get my 1 dog out of mine.

ME: Are you a dog walker?

LOGAN: Ummm….yes?


And so she did. Logan has been helping us now since we moved here in March of 2022. She walks Otis a couple of times a week when I need to stay later at work, or just get some errands done during the day, but she has a special calm way with him that he loves that I haven’t seen before. She comes in and checks on him when I have events on the weekends. As Otis gets older, I notice he gets stressed easier and it’s harder for him to come back down from heightened thinking levels. When he started to really stress out about our last move to our new place, Logan would go out of her way to pick him up from me and keep him for as long as I needed to make it work. In fact, she even helped us move, and she and her partner Serge assembled the table I’m typing this on right now. Their calmness throughout the process of annoying furniture assembly is my new goal for future relationships.

Over the last year, Logan has morphed her dog-walking business into a new and more comprehensive Canine Consulting one that focuses on the Trust Technique – an animal/human communication technique that has helped us BOTH calm down significantly, and we continue to work towards a more peaceful environment under her guidance.

I honestly believe we would have not survived the last 2 years without Logan’s help.

We are better for knowing her, and Otis and I are eternally grateful.

If you need some help too, you can find her here: https://logankoeth.com/

Or at @logan.koeth on Instagram

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