Photo by Mary Kouw/CBS via Getty Images

Elle King traded a microphone for a sledgehammer to renovate her grandfather’s house on the show “Secret Celebrity Renovation.”

King’s grandfather has lived in Wellston, Ohio, for almost 50 years. The singer grew up in southern Ohio, eating ketchup, baloney, and cheese sandwiches.

Her grandfather was a railroad conductor in a coal mining town, and her brother worked at all the factories within a 40-mile radius.

“You either work in factories, you join the military, or you get pregnant at 16, which everybody in my family did, by the way,” King said. “I love it. And I also want to celebrate it. I had to find my path and find myself first to celebrate where my family is from.”

In the new episode, King smashes cabinets with a hammer to make space for new ones. King’s “Secret Celebrity Renovation” episode airs today (September 29) on CBS from 8-9 PM, ET/PT on Paramount+ streaming.