So I made some GOOD and some BAD decisions this week.

I actually started feeling better after a few weeks of feeling like garbage from COVID, so I did what I usually do at the end of a sickness – I tried doing a light workout to kick up my immune system and get the last bit out of my system. WHAT A MISTAKE. The next day I started to feel tired again and by the end of this week I was back into full-on symptom-mode. I have spent most of this weekend back on the couch.

I’m not sure what the lesson from this illness is supposed to be – other than more rest and patience and less DOING ALL THE THINGS, but I sure hope it breaks soon because I’m pushing 5 weeks of being unwell at this point and it really sucks.

Still I remain grateful for the things I can do – like dog walks with Otis and some of our pals and a night out (and by this I mean an hour is all I could do) to see Lisa Laflamme! It was incredible to hear her stories from her years of covering stories around the world, and as a woman who has, in the past, also been blown out of a job when she wasn’t expecting it, I was happy to hear her say these words: ” The COMEBACK is better than the SETBACK.”

‘Ain’t that the truth. 😉


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