Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images

Brett Eldredge has announced that he’ll soon begin working on his next album.

In a People exclusive, Brett says that he took a break from music to focus on family, friends, his mental health, traveling, volunteering and relationships.

He says, “I’ve always tried to find that balance. But I think for me to really step back and be like, ‘I’m gonna put this in the center of my life,’ and really just take a step back and make this a priority with my life.”

No release date has been announced yet but he shared that recording will probably begin in the next few months.

“I’ve been trying this year to try not to put a deadline on myself, because then I’ll [have] those expectations that I’ve been putting on myself for so many years.”

“So when it feels right, we’ll get the music right. When I feel like it’s right, and it’s really my full heart, I’m gonna bring it to my fans and get it out there in a beautiful way.”