My name is Robin Farrell and today I’m turning Forty-FINE! As I enter this final year of halfofa century, I’m thinking back and wondering what I THOUGHT my life would look like at almost 50. I’ll be honest – I never saw a huge wedding, 2.5 kids and a house with a white picket fence and bikes on the lawn….BUT….I also didn’t think I would end up walking the earth alone (plus OUTSTANDING sidekick dog), but it’s taught me a great deal, and today I know myself extremely well.

There are things that a lone wolf values:

We are self-motivating. You won’t have to ask me to do it. I’ve already done it and it’s sitting on your desk.

We are creative and original thinkers, and I’ve been lucky enough to land in a broadcasting career hosting morning radio shows that allows me to do this with great autonomy every day. I’ve also been paired with some of the very best morning men (including PJ – my current partner in crime) who understand the way I operate and Im grateful for each and every one of them.

We have few, but close, true friends. My pack has shifted over the years due to changes in my life and proximity, but the loyal ones remain, and in turn I stay loyal to them. If you know me, I’ve always preferred deep conversations over small talk, and if I truly love you, I will love you forever.

I also know exactly what I want from my relationships – both friendships and intimate ones. I know what I value in myself and others, and I’m also ok to walk away if it’s just not a fit.

I communicate directly and honestly – even if it makes other people uncomfortable. You will always know where you stand with me. I have lost friendships over this, but the ones I’m left with 100% add to my life, and me to theirs.

I’m HARD to READ. Some people might call it DISTANT or even COLD.

I’ll light up a room, and then LEAVE. I’m not much of a HUGGER….but if you really know me, you know I have a kind heart and solid values and I hope that this is the side of me you’ll get a better glimpse of over the next 365 days.

And finally, while I still hold on to the hope that my equal and I will one day sit at the same table, in the meantime, I don’t actually mind spending time ALONE. It’s how I recharge to live another day. It’s when I create some of my best ideas. It’s how I will compile this gratitude journal over the next year. Alone with my thoughts and how they shape me.

Inspired by my new friend Kelly, each day of this next year until I turn 50 years old, I will highlight something I’m grateful for in my life right now. Something that brings me joy, someone who inspires me, the places where I find peace.

You know my motto “EVERYTHING CAN’T BE GREAT!but THESE THINGS actually ARE…and they PLEASE ME!

I hope it brings some lightness to your day and makes you think about some things in your own life that make you richer beyond any paycheque. I may be hard to read, but I promise you this project WON’T be.

And so it begins. Today, I’m just grateful that you read this until the end…and that cake on your birthday has 0 calories.

See you again tomorrow,

Xo Robin

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