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Have you ever looked out one of your home’s windows and enjoyed a gentle wind blowing through your hair? Or maybe you’ve stood at your front door and felt a little breeze? The only problem is, the windows and door were both closed! Yikes!

We often don’t think about it until the weather gets colder, but those drafty windows and doors can really wreak havoc on our heating bills. Homes 40 years and older may have wooden frame windows that have deteriorated over time due to improper caulking. Water can get into cracks and crevices to simply rot a window from the inside out. While some newer homes, 25 years and younger, still do not have the energy efficiency their owners wished they had because of inferior “builder grade” products that have simply come to the end of their life cycle.

Do you have windows that are foggy inside? Or maybe ice forms on the inside glass of your window in the winter? In both cases there are likely seals broken with the argon gas missing in that foggy double pane window and water seeping into your home to form ice on a single pane. Yes, you could keep a towel stuffed at the bottom of your window to catch the water, or maybe grab a plastic kit to seal the foggy window, but these band-aid solutions are unsightly in your home and not to mention are hard to see through. Plus, they help very little with energy efficiency.

Exactly where are the drafts coming from?! Maybe you’ve tripped over that lovely door draft stopper in your front entry way a couple of times. You might need more than just replacing the weather striping around that drafty door to keep things warm. Sure, an old wooden door looks nice, but it doesn’t have the energy efficiency to help keep the cold out and the heat inside. A new steel door provides security and is more energy efficient, while a new fiberglass door that looks like wood can provide even more insulation and the energy efficiency you need.

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