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Delhi, ON.


Pop. 4,172 (2011)

A tale of many names…

Delhi was founded by Frederick Sovereen, who arrived in the area around 1812, he initially named the area Sovereen’s Corners, then Fredericksburg. In 1856, the name of the post office was changed to Delhi, likely by a local postmaster honouring British dominace over India at the time. Today, Delhi boasts a diverse ethnic makeup, bringing many cultures and heritages together to strengthen the community.

Unique to the town is the Ontario Tobacco Museum & Heritage Centre which preserves the rich history of the tobacco industry. Delhi is home to the beautifully restored theatre know as the Backstage Capitol, It hosts music and other entertainment on an ongoing basis. German, Belgian, Hungarian and Polish halls reflect Delhi’s European heritage and often feature special events throughout the year. Many stores and businesses are locally owned and operated and offer exceptional customer service and locally grown fruits and vegetables.



Some places to check out:

Delhi has a lot to offer for a fun day trip or weekend stay. With more than 4,000 people, Delhi combines a charmingly rural environment with an exceptionally favourable location. With lots of local merchants and hidden gems to be discovered, Delhi is a great place to get away to.

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