Currently, according to data from Southwestern Public Health, there are 7 active cases of the coronavirus in area covered by SW Public Health, which covers Oxford and Elgin counties. All 7 cases are in Elgin County, with all of them in St. Thomas. There are no reported cases in Oxford County.

Compared to one week ago, the total number of cases appears to have risen slightly from 6 to 7 total cases. However, it’s the locations of the virus that is rather dramatic. There were 5 cases in Oxford County, all of them in Woodstock, last week. Today, there are none. In Elgin County one week ago, there was only 1 case and that was in Central Elgin. Today, Elgin County has 7 cases and they are all in St. Thomas.

There are other interesting statistics from Southwestern Public Health. Six of the seven cases in St. Thomas involve people under the age of 40 with only 1 case in a senior between the ages of 60-69. Of those six active cases, two are in their 30’s, two are in their 20’s, and two more are under the age of 10.

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Stay safe, stay apart (as much as possible), wear a mask inside public places, stay informed…and wash your hands often.