The number of active cases of Covid-19 in the area is slowly declining from one week ago today. According to data released today by Southwestern Public Health, which covers Oxford and Elgin counties and the city of St. Thomas, there are currently 6 active cases with Woodstock accounting for all 5 cases in Oxford County and Central Elgin accounting for the only case in Elgin County. One week ago the total was at 10 cases with 8 in Oxford and 2 in Elgin.

In a press release from Wednesday (Sept. 23), Southwestern Public Health has joined the province of Ontario in requesting that only those who have a symptom of Covid-19 be tested at any of the area assessment centres. The return to school is one reason more people have requested testing, leading to the decision to try to keep testing to those who appear to have a symptom or symptoms of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Oxford County announced this morning that Woodingford Lodge in Woodstock is working with Southwestern Public Health to investigate a positive test result for an employee. At this stage, this is only an investigation and not a confirmed case of Covid-19. As a precaution, the resident area in which the employee worked has been temporarily isolated with the same disinfection and personal protection measures used in the event of a confirmed cases. Family members with a resident in the specific area have been notified. For further details, you can see the press release on the Oxford County website listed below.

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Stay safe, stay apart (as much as possible), wear a mask inside public spaces, stay informed…and wash your hands often.