Based on data released from Southwestern Public Health, which covers Oxford and Elgin counties and the city of St. Thomas, there has been no change in the number of active cases in the area since yesterday. However, there had been an uptick in cases during the week (since Monday).

First, here are today’s stats. There is a grand total of 10 active Covid cases in the area. Oxford County bears the brunt of the total with 8 active cases, all of them in Woodstock. There are only 2 cases in Elgin County, with 1 in Bayham and 1 in Central Elgin.

Today’s numbers are twice that from the start of the week. This past Monday, the grand total was at 5 active cases, with 4 of them in Woodstock and 1 in Bayham.

And here are a few interesting stats with today’s numbers. Half of the grand total is in the age group of 20-29 year-olds. And 7 of the 10 active cases, by gender, are males.

With schools reopened, Southwestern Public Health has included a link to the province of Ontario’s daily update of Covid cases in publicly funded schools and child care centres. That link is also provided below.

Websites to check regularly include…

Southwestern Public Health:

Ontario Schools and Child Care Covid-19 Cases:

Oxford County:

Town of Tillsonburg:

Stay safe, stay apart (as much as possible), wear a mask inside public places, stay informed…and was your hands often.