Do you ever sit back and take a good look at your house, thinking that it could use a bit of a facelift? Sure, you can breathe new life into a home with landscaping in the yard and maybe a fresh coat of paint on an old fence. But what about that 30-year-old, once-white, now dingy-gray siding?


One of the easiest ways to perk up your domicile is to replace siding. Switch up the stale with something new from today’s pallet of vibrant colours, including autumn reds, coastal blues, seagrass greens, stone grays, canary yellows and tans, and of course white. And while vertical siding is the most common, you can add depth and texture to your home with board and batten siding or shakes as a special feature.


With 20 years of installing and repairing siding, Continental Home Improvements have seen some unfortunate mishaps from DIYers. “Sometimes homeowners have done a whole side of their house and forgot to use house wrap on top of the sheathing,” says Luc Carrier, President of Continental Home Improvements. “We see a lot of older homes with brittle 30 and 40 year old siding being replaced with new aluminum or vinyl siding, but the house wrap was forgotten and that’s a pretty important piece of the equation as it protects the house from air and water leaks that my sneak in somewhere rotting the sheathing underneath,” he adds.


Think you may not have a complete wrap on how to side a house? Then do your home a favour and connect with Continental Home Improvements to get a free competitive quote. Why move when you can improve? Enhance the beauty of your home and give it some curb appeal with siding and installation that’ll last. Find Continental Home Improvements at

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