Between last Friday and today, the downward trend has continued in the number of active cases of Covid-19 monitored in Oxford and Elgin counties by Southwestern Public Health. Today’s data release shows the grand total dropped from 54 to 35.

In Elgin County, 18 cases have been resolved since Friday, dropping from 47 to 29. By municipality, Aylmer has gone down from 29 to 15 active cases, and Bayham dropped from 13 to 6. St. Thomas, however, has seen a jump from 5 on Friday to 8 active cases reported today.

In Oxford County, the total number of cases dropped slightly since Friday, from 7 to 6. As of today, Tillsonburg is down to 5 active cases, but Woodstock has added a new case since Friday.

Meanwhile, there’s good news from the Director of Woodingford Lodge in Woodstock. Yesterday, Mark Dager reported the residence facility has reopened to admissions and visits (with various protocols in place). Woodingford was informed by Southwestern Public Health that the Covid-19 test result from August 9 of an employee was a false positive. Subsequent testing has confirmed the employee did not and does not have the virus. Dager adds they are relieved to learn “there was no risk to our residents or other employees” and that they will always act with an abundance of caution to protect those in their care during the pandemic. You can read Mr. Dager’s full statement on the Oxford County website listed below.

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Stay safe, stay apart (as much as possible), wear your mask when inside public places, stay informed…and keep washing your hands often.