The downward trend in active Covid-19 cases continues according to data released today by Southwestern Public Health. Covering Oxford County, Elgin County and the city of St. Thomas, the data indicates 4 cases have been resolved leaving a grand total of 54 cases.

In Elgin County, the total of active cases has dropped from 50 to 47. Aylmer saw 2 cases resolved leaving them with 29 cases. Bayham’s total since yesterday has dropped by 1 to a total of 13 cases, while St. Thomas continues to deal with 5.

In Oxford County, the total is at 7 active cases, with all cases in Tillsonburg. One case has been resolved since yesterday.

It’s another small downward trend, but at least it’s trending in the right direction.

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Southwestern Public Health:

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Stay safe, stay apart (as much as possible), stay informed, wear a mask when inside public places…and wash your hands often.