The news from Southwestern Public Health today shows another drop in the number of virus cases in Oxford and Elgin County. The grand total has dropped from 69 to 60.

In Elgin County, six cases have apparently been resolved, dropping their total from 58 to 52 since yesterday. Aylmer has 32 active cases, down from 37, and Bayham’s total has dropped from 19 to 17. However, St. Thomas has a new case pushing their total to 3 cases.

Meanwhile, in Oxford County, the total number of cases has dropped from 11 to 8. All 8 cases are in Tillsonburg. The town’s total dropped by 1, while Norwich and Woodstock appear to have resolved their single cases.

The downward trends are encouraging.

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Stay safe, stay apart (as much as possible), stay informed, wear your mask at indoor public places…and wash your hands often.