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You have a privacy fence, but it’s not that private. It has one whole section leaning in on your property’s side, so privacy is gone because you can clearly see over it and see your neighbour. An easy fix may be to just prop it up with some 2 x 4’s; brace it and hope no one trips over the protruding wood in your yard. But why is it falling over in the first place?


Over the past 20 years, Continental Home Improvements has been called to design and build new fences, as well as correct the mistakes of DIY homeowners. In most cases, the posts bought for wooden privacy or semi-private fences were not long enough and were not buried far enough into the ground.


“People cheap out, buying shorter posts to save some money but really they’re just compromising the integrity of the fence. One big winter storm and half the fence will be laying on the ground,” says Luc Carrier, President of Continental Home Improvements. “…the posts are usually 4 x 4s, sometimes 6 x 6s, and should be set below the frost line. Depending where you are in the province, 48 inches deep may be required. Posts really need to be further into the ground than most people think.”

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