Elgin County is Covid-free! That information comes in today’s data release from Southwestern Public Health, which covers Elgin County, Oxford County and the city of St. Thomas. The active case in Dutton/Dunwich has apparently been resolved. The only 2 remaining cases of Covid-19 are in Oxford County, specifically in Woodstock.

While the news is encouraging, a word of caution: it should be remembered these are cases that have been reported, not that the virus doesn’t exist in the area. There may even be people who have the virus and don’t even know it, or even some who have it and know it and haven’t been reported.

Websites to check regularly include…

Southwestern Public Health: https://www.swpublichealth.ca/content/community-update-novel-coronavirus-covid-19

Oxford County: http://www.oxfordcounty.ca/covid-19

Town of Tillsonburg: https://www.tillsonburg.ca/en/town-hall/novel-conoravirus-covid-19-information.aspx#

Stay safe, stay apart, stay informed…and wash your hands often.