If you have a leak in your roof and think you know where it’s coming from, you could try to fix it yourself. Sure, a DIY project can be fun! But sometimes what looks like it could be an easy repair, once uncovered, could be a problem much bigger than expected. Continental Home Improvements repairs and replaces asphalt roofs, as well installs new steel roofing.

Over the years, the team at Continental Home Improvements has been called in to examine asphalt roofs that were severely weathered, had curling shingles, or shingles completely disintegrating. Continental Home Improvements have met homeowners who have climbed up on their roofs and haphazardly used true roofing products like cements and roofing fabric but had completely missed the mark. So not only did the roof keep leaking, but the area repaired was done poorly causing another area of the roof to back up with ice dams and cause more rot underneath. On the job for more than 18 years, Continental Home Improvements has also seen roofs repaired with completely wrong materials, such as plastic sheets, tarps, and even cardboard stuffed into an actual hole with a shingle overtop.

Regardless of how big or small your repairs may be, do yourself a favour and leave the job to the experts. Do you need a new roof, or do you need just a repair? Connect with Continental Home Improvements to get a free competitive quote. Maybe explore a new metal roof with steel panels or stylish tiles that can increase the overall value of your home and be the last roof you ever have worry about! Why move when you can improve?

Count on Continental Home Improvements for your new roof.

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