Today’s data release from Southwestern Public Health, which covers Oxford County, Elgin County and the city of St. Thomas, shows a rise of Covid-19 in one particular area, resulting in the area’s total going up from 4 cases to 6.

Two days ago, a new case of the coronavirus was reported in East Zorra-Tavistock. Today, 2 more cases have been reported in the township north of Woodstock, resulting in a new total of 3 active cases. Combined with 1 case in Tillsonburg, Oxford County’s total jumps to 4.

Meanwhile, Southwestern Public Health reports the outbreak at Secord Trails Care Community in Ingersoll has been resolved. Eight employees had tested positive almost a month ago. All self-isolated and are now considered among the resolved cases.

There continues to be no change for the past several days in Elgin County. The 2 cases in St. Thomas account for Elgin’s total of 2 active cases.

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Stay safe, stay apart, stay home (as much as possible), stay informed…and wash your hands, often.