Southwestern Public Health, which covers Oxford and Elgin counties and the city of St. Thomas, is reporting no new cases of the Covid-19 virus today. However, one new case was reported over the weekend (Sunday) in St. Thomas. That leaves the city with 2 active cases, the only active cases in Elgin County.

Various media reported on the weekend of an outbreak among migrant farm workers at a St. Thomas farm. While the farm, Ontario Plants Propagation, is in Elgin County, most of the workers live in London. That prompted testing of over 40 of the farm’s employees and their close contacts by the Middlesex-London Health Unit as well as Southwestern Public Health. As of this morning, 20 of the workers have tested positive.

Meanwhile, Norfolk County, as of this morning, was dealing with 120 migrant workers at vegetable producer Scotlynn Group who have tested positive with the virus. Five of those cases are in hospital.

Oxford County remains unchanged since Friday with 8 total cases, 4 in Ingersoll and 2 each in Tillsonburg and Woodstock.

One bit of “good” news: a month has gone by without any cases having need of hospitalization in Oxford County. May 1 was the last time a hospitalized case had been reported and that was in Woodstock.

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Stay safe, stay apart, stay home (as much as possible), stay informed…and wash your hands, often.