There’s new information today from Southwestern Public Health, including a new case of Covid-19 in Tillsonburg. Southwestern Public Health covers Oxford and Elgin counties, as well as the city of St. Thomas.

The new Tillsonburg cases brings the total of active cases in Oxford County to 4. That’s in addition to single cases in East Zorra-Tavistock, Ingersoll and Woodstock.

Elgin County’s 2 single active cases, in Malahide and St. Thomas, haven’t changed since last week and bring the total covered by Southwestern Public Health to 6.

Meanwhile, Southwestern Public Health has added 2 new charts to the information dashboard on their website: “Hospitalizations” (which shows the total number of cases that have been admitted to each of the area’s 4 hospitals as well as new hospitalizations) and “Critical Care (ICU) Admissions.” Scrolling your cursor over any bar in any of the graphs will display a pop-up window with more information, such as the number of cases at a particular hospital. In what may a bit of good news, this new info doesn’t show a Covid-19 case requiring hospitalization since the first of May. A link to the Southwestern Public Health website is below.

Some municipalities kindly remind their residents their taxes are due soon. In Tillsonburg, Tax Due Day is today, May 21. Residents paying cash or cheque can use a drop box at the door of the Customer Service Centre at 10 Lisgar Ave. Details are available at the Town of Tillsonburg website at

Property taxes for residents of Southwest Oxford are due May 29. With the closure of municipal offices to the public, other payment options include a drop box at the main office entrance doors, online through your bank (using your roll number as your account number), or payment at your bank. Southwest Oxford is encouraging residents to sign up for pre-authorized payments. The form can be found at the website

Links to local websites with the latest Covid-19 information include…
Southwestern Public Health:

Oxford County:

Town of Tillsonburg:

Stay safe, stay apart, stay home (as much as possible) and stay informed…and wash your hands often!