Tuesday’s data release from Southwestern Public Health shows little change in the statistics from Monday, with the exception of one fewer active case in Blandford-Blenheim. Their total drops to a single case. That lowers the total number of active cases in Oxford County from 12 to 11. Recapping the municipal totals: Tillsonburg continues to have 4 active cases, Woodstock has three, while Norwich, Southwest Oxford and Zorra have 1 case each, as does Blandford-Blenheim.

Southwestern Public Health covers Oxford and Elgin counties and the city of St. Thomas. The Elgin/St. Thomas stats have remained constant for several days: Elgin County continues to have 7 active cases, with 4 cases in St. Thomas, and 1 each in Aylmer, Dutton/Dunwich and Malahide.

Here is a list of local websites you should be checking regularly for updates and more information:

Southwestern Public Health: https://www.swpublichealth.ca/content/community-update-novel-coronavirus-covid-19

Oxford County: http://www.oxfordcounty.ca/covid-19

Town of Tillsonburg: https://www.tillsonburg.ca/en/town-hall/novel-conoravirus-covid-19-information.aspx#

Stay safe, stay apart, stay informed…and wash your hands, OFTEN!