A third person in their 30’s has contracted the coronavirus, according to Southwestern Public Health. All three cases, two in Elgin County and one in Oxford County, were from close contact. The most recent case involves a female in Elgin County who is currently self-isolating.


Stats from Southwestern Public Health show 247 people have been tested, 3 are confirmed positive, there are 26 probable cases and 112 tests results are pending. If there is good news, it’s that 132 have tested negative. For more details, go to the Public Health website at:

As a recap, the following areas have declared a state of emergency:
-Elgin County, including St. Thomas, Bayham, Central Elgin, Southwold, Dutton Dunwich and Malahide;
-Norfolk County
-Haldimand County
-the town of Aylmer.

Remember, declaring a state of emergency allows municipalities to swiftly take action on activities that are violating public health officials’ orders. Declaring a state of emergency also allows municipalities to tap into provincial resources & emergency funding that would not otherwise be available. Also, the Warden and Mayors of Oxford County’s municipalities issued a joint statement on Mar. 23, saying “Oxford County and all of our municipalities believe a municipal emergency declaration is not warranted at this time.”

The above information was current as of 12 noon today. Keep in mind, circumstances may change at any time.

And in Tillsonburg, in the window of a downtown business that, like many others, is temporarily closed, a large handmade poster thanks those who are providing essential services.

Stay safe, stay informed…and wash your hands, OFTEN!