There are so many ways to stay connected to Country 107.3 during these times.

We will all be back out socializing and having fun in the future. But for now, it’s important to take the proper precautions. And while self-isolating and social distancing can be difficult, we’ll try to make it a little bit easier. Just turn your radio to Country 107.3.

Google Smart Speaker
One thing we’ve all learned during this pandemic is how easily a virus can be transmitted through a contaminated surface. So, having a smart speaker that works via hands-free vocal command, feels extra smart. Just say, “Hey, Google, play Country 107.3.”

Amazon Smart Speaker
We miss handshakes. We miss hugs, high-fives, and holding hands. But we understand that the smartest, most loving thing to do at this time is to avoid touching. Luckily, with your Amazon Smart Speaker, you don’t need to stay 6 to 10 feet away to make a connection. Just say, “Alexa, play Country 107.3.”

Country music fans are a community unlike any other. We’re like a family. And while social distancing and self-isolating obviously isn’t ideal, we’re glad we have each other. Whether you want to share COUNTRY with your roommates or family, or you just want some time by yourself, we can be there for you. Just download the Radioplayer Canada App to your phone and listen to Country 107.3.

Social Media
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