Country 107.3 just might have your Fur-Ever Friend! Listen Fridays as Country 107.3 together with Oxford County Animal Rescue, showcases a dog or cat who is ready to find their forever home.

This sweet little girl came into our care after losing her owner and no one was found looking for her. The vet estimates that she is 3 years old-her teeth are still shiny and white. She has been a momma before, we just don’t know how many times, but that life is behind her now!
She loves to cuddle-there is never an empty lap in her foster home, and bed time snuggles are her favorite. She loves to go in the car and is good on leash walking around the neighbourhood. She gets along with the big dogs in her foster home and is the guardian of the kittens. She is getting better everyday at letting her foster dad know she needs to go outside. She has no respect for a closed door or baby gate and assumes that barrier is for everyone else! She is not a good candidate for a crate and gets into no trouble when left loose while her humans are away. She loves her fenced yard to run and play in and her new home should have one too.
She has been vaccinated, spayed, had some nasty bumps removed and is Heartworm tested, as well as flea treated and dewormed. Best of all, she has a brand new sassy haircut!
An application to adopt her can be found on our website, and her adoption fee is $375.

Find out everything you need to adopt a pet from Oxford County Animal Rescue!


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