DDSS is gearing up to “party with a purpose” with Inside Ride, a one day cycling event coming to the school on January 10th, which students and the community are welcome to participare in. DDSS Student Owen Dearlove and his teacher Mr. Gaertner stopped by the Daly Wake Up to chat about the event and how you can get involved! It is a fundraiser for Childhood Cancer which benefits numerous childhood cancer organizations whose programs include family support, financial support and child support and quality of life programs and research

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DDSS Students Get Ready to "Party For a Purpose" with Inside Ride

Originally Aired: December 20, 2019


  • Teams of 6 that are responsible for raising a minimum $300 per team ($50/participant) to participate
  • Teams can be from the school, community, or other schools that wish to participate
  • Minimum grade is Grade 7
  • 1 person on your team will ride for 10 minutes on a stationary bike while the others cheer you on


  • There is a DJ with music, tons of energy, and there will be prizes for:
    • Best Costume
    • Most spirited
    • Most Mileage
    • Most Fundraised


  • There is now an 83% survival rate in childhood cancer cases. To put that in perspective when Terry Fox started his fundraiser and run. There was only a 10% survival rate in childhood cancers.
  • There goal is to get that to 100%
  • Even though a child might survive cancer, there are still long term effects as well as a higher risk for it to return


Delhi has a fundraising goal of $10,000 you can register for a team or just simply donate at


We are also looking for sponsors for the event.

If you are looking to sponsor this event please contact Ryan Gaertner at for more information

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