Dang, I would hate to follow Brett Eldredge after his best man speech. The country singer decided that he would sing his best man speech.

Brett’s brother Brice got married over the weekend, and Brett wrote an emotional song for his best man speech!

BEFORE YOU PRESS PLAY…Here’s what the chorus is:

So when you start a family of your own
Hope your kids run wild like we did back at home
Barefoot in the grass
Never thinking we would grow up fast
And then we did
Ever since we were kids skipping rocks on that house on North High Street
I’ve been working on my heartfelt best man speech

OK grab a Kleenex and press play!


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I woke up very emotional in the middle of the night a few months ago with the realization that my big brother was about to get married and that we were no longer kids anymore…I had been putting off writing my best man speech until it came to me at 3am and I wrote the whole thing in bed that night…my brother is a great man and is my first call when life comes at me sideways…he and his incredibly smart and beautiful wife Lori are gonna have an awesome life together and I couldn’t be more happy for them…so here’s my best man speech, i didn’t write it for an album or any project, I wrote it for my brother, and though it’s almost impossible to sing through the tears, hopefully you will at least hear my heart for my brother, my best friend…here’s my “Best Man Speech”

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WHOA! Brett brings a level of Frank Sinatra mixed with the song writing of a country song that just makes us tear up!

~ Ryan


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