Country 107.3 just might have your Fur-Ever Friend! Listen Fridays as Country 107.3 together with Oxford County Animal Rescue, showcases a dog or cat who is ready to find their forever home.

Meet Chloe! I am a 7 1/2 year old Chihuahua who loves running around the backyard, but also loves being inside where it is warm. I like kitties, but not sure how they feel about me. My foster sister Penny co-exists with me being in the house. I am a big suck who loves my foster Mom and sister. I am warming up to Dad especially if he has a peanut butter treat. I am friendly with other dogs (we might bark at each other once in awhile, but we are friends). Mom will tell you I am a very quiet dog unless I hear another dog bark or see someone I don’t know. I love to go for walks (the vet says I need to lose a little weight).

I love my crate (doors open) as its my safe place. I am a good dog who hasn’t gotten into any trouble and can be left alone without any worries. I am a very timid and shy dog who needs to come to you at my own pace. I would be good in a home with no kids or older kids due to me being skittish and I might feel threatened enough to bite someone out of fear. I do have a Luxating Patella and it will sometimes pop out for no reason. I will let out a scream and run to my crate to hide, but it will be all better once my human rubs it for me!

I am spayed, up to date on my vaccines, flea treated and dewormed, heartworm negative, and microchipped.

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