Relay for Life is a major event in the fight against cancer with many community activities in many areas across the country coming up with novel ideas for fundraising events in the lead-up to their relays. But students in Aylmer put together a different event last night for the second year in-a-row: professional wrestling in the school cafeteria (along with a barbeque outside)!

East Elgin Secondary School hosted the event with grapplers from the Rock Solid wrestling promotion. The main event: Tyler Tirva, “The Saturday Night Delight,” facing Canadian heavyweight champion Cody Deaner in a special grudge match. Tirva lost the title to Deaner in last year’s inaugural event. It made sense to have this event at this school. Deaner is a former student and sometime substitute teacher at the institution! Although both athletes participate in many small, independent wrestling promotions, Deaner and Tirva have had major national exposure with the “big boys.” Deaner wrestled a match about 15 years ago on WWE’s SmackDown and had several matches on TV’s Impact Wrestling about 5 years later. Tirva, originally from Woodstock, also wrestled on SmackDown almost 10 years ago. Last night’s undercard featured several “up-and-comers” and seasoned veterans of the mat wars.

The results of last night’s matches really don’t matter. The wrestlers showcased their talents and the fans expressed their approval or disapproval with the various characters in a very interactive way. What does matter is how one school and their students have come up with a different way to raise money for an important cause and have a fun night out along the way with the hope of one day pinning cancer to the mat…for good.