It never fails. Whenever I see Juno award winner Brett Kissel, he always says or does something that impresses me. It may a huge, highly visible thing he does like giving away a guitar to a youngster during one of his concerts. Or it may a small, subtle thing I happen to pick up on.

It happened again during our interview last weekend at the Junos in London, Ont. It was one small word he uttered. As we talked about a specific subject, Brett, who won this year’s Country Album category, casually said “when we were first pregnant with our first baby….” It was a reference to his wife, Cecilia, and their daughter, Mila.

It was the word “we.” “…WE were first pregnant…” Not “when MY wife was pregnant.” Not “when SHE was pregnant.” Not “when Cecilia was pregnant.” But “…when WE were first pregnant…”

Most dads, new or experienced, don’t usually use the inclusive word “we” when discussing a spouse’s pregnancy. Everyone knows it’s the woman who bares just about all of the experience of childbirth, from mood swings to odd cravings to changing body, with dads at the moment of conception and at the moment of birth. The subconscious male mind naturally and unintentionally assumes she’s the one who’s solely pregnant.

When Brett used the word “we,” it signalled to me he was committed to be there physically and in spirit for Cecilia’s entire pregnancy. Perhaps it’s a small thing to say, but it’s a huge affirmation of empathizing and signalling there’s more us males can do during the entire process to be more supportive.

It’s a small, subtle two-letter word. But it can make a world of positive difference. I learned that from Brett. And it’s yet another reason to love and respect the guy.

Here’s the interview, thanks to our friends at Establish Media:

JUNOS: Brett Kissell

"A JUNO award for a Country artist is as big as you can get in this Country. It's a moment for us all to soak it in."Brett Kissel is up to Country Album of the Year at the 2019 JUNOS for his album "We Were That Song".

Posted by Country 107.3 on Sunday, March 17, 2019