Adversity. You can try to ignore it but that usually just makes it worse. You can try giving up and giving in. Or you can fight it.

Tyler Warren is fighting it. Because that’s what he knows.

A few years ago, the diagnosis of brain cancer put his boxing dreams on hold. I had heard about this different kind of fight he was in last year and was honoured to be invited to MC a fundraising concert in Belmont, Ont., for his benefit. Just the cost of the meds alone is staggering.

But this past Monday, Ty went in for brain surgery. His fourth surgery.

Nine-and-a-half hours later, he came out of the operation giving a “thumbs up” gesture.

Tyler could effortlessly put me down with a single punch. But he floored me with just that one thumb. The photo his newlywed wife Amanda shared shows how much of a fighter he truly is and made me wonder, if I had to, could I ever fight like him. I hope I never find out. And if I do, I hope I fight like him. With dignity and courage, like him.

Thanks for the inspiration, Ty. You have my best wishes and sincere hopes for a complete recovery.


Tyler’s amazing family is focusing all their efforts to this round of Tyler’s fight without the distraction of trying to organize much needed fundraising to offset the costs of this battle. However, if you wish to connect with them and help any way you can, you may do so at