Just before his radio tour to promote his new single, “Never Have I Ever,” Wes Mack came down with the worst case of the flu he’s ever had. The tour had to be rescheduled (he wrapped it up last week). If it had gone on as scheduled, Wes would have been visiting Country 107.3 in Tillsonburg, Ont., with the movie he’s in playing at the town cinema! I saw it the day after it came out at the Broadway Cinemas. He appears in “Cold Pursuit,” starring Liam Neeson. And thanks to the manager at the theatres, I got a movie poster. When Wes did stop by for his interview, I brought out the poster. His reaction was priceless! Below, you can hear the part of our interview where we talked about the movie…and his reaction at seeing the poster for the first time comes at about the 7:18 mark. Enjoy! And thanks, Wes, for another great conversation!


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Wes Mack Sees the "Cold Pursuit" Movie Poster For the First Time

Originally Aired: March 11, 2019


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This guy. I have tremendous respect and love for Randy Owen. In my visits with him over the years I’ve gotten to learn more about music history (from his personal stories meeting just EVERYBODY in the business) than I ever thought I could, Ive gotten play through my entire catalog on the air (even the deep cuts that I love), I got to actually debut Never Have I Ever a full year before it came out, I’ve met the Mayor of Tillsonburg while on the air (too cool) and this time I got to play my very favorite Hank Williams song live on air AND THEN sign a poster for @coldpursuitmovie while learning again more history and crazy stories than I ever thought I could. All comes from him having so much heart and such passion for what he does and I think that’s just the best way to live life. Much thanks Randy for another awesome day. @country1073 #NeverHaveIEver #ColdPursuit #LiamNeeson #HankWilliams #country1073 #Ontario #Radio #Tillsonburg #TomBateman #michaeleklund #TomJackson #RandyOwen #MomentsThatMatter #LifeToTheFullest

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