Congratulations to Aaron Goodvin for earning his first #1 hit with “You Are” on the weekly Billboard Canada Country National Airplay chart! Billboard began compiling the chart in 2013. Not only is Goodvin’s achievement good on him, it’s good on Canada.

Up until a few years ago, Canadians rarely made it to the top of the Canadian chart, with Americans usually at #1. In the first year the charts were published, only two Canadians reached the top: Gord Bamford with “When Your Lips Are So Close” and Dean Brody’s “Bounty.” 2014 was a dry year. Not a single Canadian reached #1. Only two more Canadian artists, both solo male artists, earned their first #1’s the next year: Dallas Smith with “Wastin’ Gas” and Brett Kissel’s “Airwaves.” In 2016, Dallas was only Canadian with a #1 hit (and became the first Canadian to have a second top hit) when “Autograph” peaked at the top of the chart.

The Canadian drought changed in 2017 with four #1 hits that year. Dallas became the first artist to score two #1’s in the same year, with “Side Effects” and “Sky Stays This Blue.” High Valley became the first Canadian duo or group to reach #1 with “I Be U Be,” followed by “Chills” from The James Barker Band.

Last year was a banner year for Canadians with seven songs reaching #1. And again, Dallas Smith led the way with two of them: “Sleepin’ Around” and “Make ‘Em Like You.” Dean Brody and Gord Bamford returned the coveted spot with their hits “8th Day” and “Dive Bar.” Lindsay Ell became the first solo female artist to hit #1, with “Criminal.” Tebey scored his first #1 as a recording artist with “Who’s Gonna Love You” and Meghan Patrick had her first #1, the second time a solo female artist did so, with the last chart-topper of the year with “Walls Come Down.” Tebey and Meghan became the first two Canadians to score a #1 hit in the same month, earning theirs last December.

The trend is not only continuing with 2019, but signs point to the most successful year ever for Canadian artists on the chart. Just this month alone (and for the first time), three artists not only scored their first #1’s (The Reklaws with “Feels Like That,” Tenille Townes’ “Somebody’s Daughter” and Aaron Goodvin with “You Are”) but February marks the first time three separate artists reached #1 in the same month!

Makes you proud to be a Canadian and proud of our Canadian artists.

Here’s the chronological list of the Canadians who’ve earned #1 hits since the chart began…
-Gord Bamford, “When Your Lips Are So Close” (11/30/13)
-Dean Brody, “Bounty” (12/07/13)
Dallas Smith, “Wastin’ Gas” (01/31/15, 02/07/15)
Brett Kissel, “Airwaves” (10/03/15)
Dallas Smith, “Autograph” (11/26/16)
Dallas Smith, “Side Effects” (04/22/17)
High Valley, “I Be U Be” (05/27/17, 06/03/17)
James Barker Band, “Chills” (07/01/17)
Dallas Smith, “Sky Stays This Blue” (08/26/17)
Dallas Smith, “Sleepin’ Around” (02/03/18)
Dean Brody, “8th Day” (03/10/18)
Lindsay Ell, “Criminal” (04/21/18)
Gord Bamford, “Dive Bar” (09/29/18)
Dallas Smith, “Make ’Em Like You” (11/03/18)
Tebey, “Who’s Gonna Love You” (12/01/18)
Meghan Patrick, “Walls Come Down” (12/29/18)
The Reklaws, “Feels Like That” (02/02/19)
Tenille Townes, “Somebody’s Daughter” (02/09/19)
Aaron Goodvin, “You Are” (02/23/19)