Let’s get right to it, k?   What are we waiting for? …Christmas!?

9. If you’re travelling, chances are good you will spend some of Christmas day at an OnRoute rest stop, even if it’s just long enough for everyone in the car to take a bathroom break.

8. Whether it will be a white Christmas, is again, a question mark. There may have been snow on the ground yesterday, today it might all be gone, and we could get some tomorrow. The day after that, who knows? It’s anybody’s guess.

7. Fewer working chimneys than there used to be, means quicker work for Santa. For that reason he is especially fond of his Southern Ontario run.

6. SO many Santa Claus parades! This makes things more challenging for him, but Santa has been known to appear in up to six parades in our area in one day. One weekend he was booked at parades in London, and Langton, and Innerkip parades virtually at the very same time! He somehow manages this and still keeps all of his mall, Christmas party and North Pole time commitments. He should teach a life coaching class.

5. Houses may be empty. Not because people are away visiting relatives, but they’ve gone south for a family holiday! Quick! Get those presents unwrapped so we can hit the beach!


4. You can’t decide if you should share some of the chocolate from your Festive Special, or keep them for yourself.

3. Move over pumpkin spice, suddenly it’s candy cane everything!

2. You missed watching your Christmas show on the local tv station, but it’s okay because one of the American channels will probably show it the very next night!

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1. Your favourite radio station is playing your favourite Christmas music 😉



Merry Christmas !!

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