We always say we wish we had more time. What about, this year, instead of letting the extra hour from the switch back to standard time change pass by, why not be more intentional about how we use it?

An hour. It doesn’t sound like much. Should we say instead, 60 minutes? Does that sound longer? To me it does, somehow, but that may just be me.. I’m trying to make the most of this.

I did an informal survey among some of my friends and asked what people would do with a bonus 60 minutes. You know what? Your desires are pretty basic, and pretty similar, people!  And doable! 


Most said one or more of the following:

1) spend it with a friend/family

2) walk/hike

3) read for fun

4) play or watch sports

5) sleep/nap

We all agree, time is precious!

I started brainstorming to think of other creative ways to spend the hour. I was tempted to start with “catch up on work/plan for the week ahead/fix something around the house” but that didn’t sound like fun at all so I trashed any ideas that came to mind that had to do with “work”.

Some ideas on ways to spend an extra hour of time:
* Watch an entire hour of YouTube clips of babies laughing, puppies and kittens.. whatever you enjoy and otherwise might feel like a waste of time
* Write a letter
* Investigate a place you’d really like to travel, and make a plan for how you can get there one day
* Open a bottle of wine that you’ve been saving and share a glass with someone
* Make a more fancy recipe for dinner, because you have the extra time – go big and challenge yourself!
* Pull out a game and play it
* Ask someone in your life questions about themselves you’ve never asked before

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