Anyone living in Oxford County, waiting for their “Ontario Works” cheques will have to pick them up in person this month.
The County says the ongoing labour disruptions at Canada POst have led officials to cancel mailing the November cheques, including landlord payments.  Instead, you will have to go to the County Offices in Woodstock, Tillsonburg or Ingersoll on Wednesday. Photo ID will be required.

If you can’t pick-up your cheque on Wednesday, you’ll have to go to the Woodstock admin building.
The County says the move is in order to protect those relying on the cheques from the possibility of having them delayed indefinably by the strike.



Client Service Work location: Woodstock

Oxford County Administration Building

21 Reeve Street, Woodstock


Client Service Work location: Ingersoll

Community Employment Services

37 Alma Street, Ingersoll (behind IDCI)


Client Service Work location: Tillsonburg

Livingston Centre

90 Tillson Avenue, Tillsonburg