Randy found himself in this situation this weekend. What would you do?

I’m in Hamilton, Ont. for Canadian Country Music Week and Saturday night, before the Gala Dinner, I stepped outside to have a smoke (yeah, I know it’s a bad habit and wish I have never started, but that’s not the point). I sit down, light a smoke and see what looks like a laminated pass at my foot, lying face down. I figured it was probably a pass to one of the many showcases going on, or a pass to a listening party. So, I picked it up, turned it over and saw it’s an All Access pass to the Canadian Country Music Awards show on Sunday Night!!! I had a choice: keep it and walk around during Sunday’s rehearsals taking all kinds of exclusive pictures…or…go up on stage and jam with Keith Urban during the show (hey, it says All Access – LOL!)…maybe sing “Party for Two” with the show’s host, Shania Twain (LOL!)…or turn it in. After about 7 seconds, I decided to turn it in. Someone lost a very important piece of I.D. for the show. If it had been me and I had lost it, I would hope whoever found it was honest enough to turn it in. Enjoy the show Sunday night. I’m looking forward to it! #ccmaawards



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