Big Changes to Tillsonburg Fair

Tuesday, 28 March 2017 07:13 BD
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The new dates for the Tillsonburg Fair are such exciting news a Canadian superhero and some of his friends will be at the festivities. Instead of the 3rd week of August the 4 day extravaganza will now be held from July 20th to the 23rd. There is a new midway provider, and instead of the usual big stage show on Saturday night, the Fair Board has decided to go with a gaming tournament on the Saturday and Comicon on Saturday and Sunday. Fair Board Past President Mike Dean says there are a couple of reasons for the changes. The first, involving the date is because a change of providers of the midway and this was one of the few dates available. Secondly the group decided to shift directions to attract more people over a longer period of time rather than just one big act for a couple of hours on a Saturday night. Dean notes one of the features of Comicon will be an appearance by Captain Canuck, armed with 500 special edition comic books containing artwork representing the Tillsonburg Fair which will only be available at Comicon. More details are available at the Tillsonburg Fair website

Minister to Cool Hot Housing Market

Tuesday, 28 March 2017 06:24 BD
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There will be measures taken in the upcoming provincial budget to cool off the red hot housing markets in Toronto and Hamilton.  Finance Minister Charles Sousa says people buying homes and properties to hold and flip rather than inhabitate are one of the leading causes for making housing unaffordable for first time buyers.  The Minister says there are many options available but has to ensure that any steps he takes will not have unfortunate consequences.  Sousa has not set a date for the budget yet, but it is expected to be tabled in the Provincial Legislature sometime in the coming weeks. (bd)


25 Cases of Caledonia Vandalism

Monday, 27 March 2017 08:27 BD
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Haldimand OPP are investigating 25 incidents of mischief on the weekend that involved painting profane language and pictures on cars, buildings, residences, road signs and mail boxes.  Police figure the vandalism took place in the early hours of Saturday morning.  The areas hit in Caledonia include Forfar West, Stirling, Fife West, Kinross and Selkirk.  Police want anyone with information to contact them or Crimestoppers, saying if you know something,  say something. (bd)


355 Ontario Youth Injured, Killed by Firearms Every Year

Monday, 27 March 2017 05:38 BD
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Immigrant or refugee children run a much greater risk of being shot intentionally or assaulted with a gun but Canadian born children have a higher chance of being unintentionally by a firearm.
A study released in the Canadian Medical Journal says a child in Ontario is injured almost every day by a gun.  The average is 355 firearm incidents a year and almost a one quarter of them result in death. Almost 75 percent were unintentional. The information was gathered by examining the hospital records of millions of Ontario children. The study found when it came to assaults or intentional shootings immigrants and refugees were at a much higher risk than non-immigrant children.  
The Canadian Paediatric Society has updated its suggestions for firearm safety.  The group notes that 635 children and youth under age 24 died between 2008 and 2012 from accidental and intentional gunshots, including those that were self-inflicted. (bd)


Team Canada Wins Curling Gold

Sunday, 26 March 2017 14:01 BD
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At the Women's World Curling Championships Rachel Homan's Team Canada ran the table and are coming home with Gold.  Their 8-3 win over Russia made them 13-0 for the tournament and gives them the championships.  Previously Homan's quartet had won silver. (bd)


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