Trump Agrees to Keep Families Together

Thursday, 21 June 2018 07:35
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President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to keep families together at the southern border, saying at the White House that he doesn't like the sight of children being separated from their families.

He said, “We are keeping families together.”

But the president added the “zero tolerance” policy will continue.

Vice-President Mike Pence added that they are calling upon Congress to change the laws. Trump adds that the word “compassion” comes into it.

Trump has been trying to win over congressional support on immigration amid a crisis along the border involving the separation of immigrant children from their families.


A liberal advocacy group says President Donald Trump's decision to reverse his administration's policy of separating children from their parents at the border doesn't go far enough.

The Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center says the administration still plans to treat families like criminals by holding them in detention facilities.

A statement from the president of the organization, Richard Cohen, says there are other alternatives available. And it says indiscriminate enforcement is “shattering” communities across the country.

Trump signed an order that doesn't end the “zero-tolerance” policy that criminally prosecutes any adult caught crossing the border illegally. But it does make changes that include keeping families together while they are in custody.

The Southern Poverty Law Center monitors extremism and is often critical of Trump policies.

(The Associated Press)

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