Oxford County Wins Landfill Appeal

Thursday, 19 April 2018 08:23
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Good news for Oxford County.

Following 3 days of testimony, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, formerly the Ontario Municipal Board, has approved a settlement in an appeal by the Walker Environmental Group.

It preserved ground breaking new policies to control landfill development in the county.

One, it maintains policies which discourage the establishment of new landfills within the county that are not primarily intended to meet the waste disposal needs of county residents and businesses.

And two, it sets a rigorous new set of planning criteria for evaluating proposals for new landfills seeking to locate in the county.

Walker was seeking to establish a huge landfill for Toronto garbage at the Carmuse quarry in Beachville.



$30,000 Theft Suspect Arrested

Thursday, 19 April 2018 07:43
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A Norfolk man has been charged in a $30,000 theft investigation.  Norfolk OPP was called the morning of April 9, after a break-in, in Houghton. The caller had found a trailer that had been reported stolen. Officers showed up and found not only the trailer, but also about $30,000 worth of stolen property.
Then on Tuesday, the Norfolk/Haldimand Community Street Crime Unit arrested a suspect.  A 20-year-old Norfolk County man faces charges including: two counts of theft; and three counts of possession of property obtained by crime.

He will be in the Ontario Court of Justice, Simcoe.



Truck Narrowly Misses Kids at Crosswalk

Thursday, 19 April 2018 07:31
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Thankfully nobody was injured after a scary incident in Delhi this week.

Tuesday afternoon, a group of children were about to cross Talbot Road at a crosswalk when a white pick-up truck blew past, failing to stop.

It happened just after 4:30 pm between Big Creek Drive and Western Avenue.

Witnesses say the truck continued westbound on Highway 3 at a high rate of speed.

Norfolk OPP are hoping the public can help provide more information.



Closed Road Wreck

Thursday, 19 April 2018 07:27
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Road closed signs aren't just a suggestion.

Huron County OPP are lamenting drivers who fail to obey the signs after seeing a number of incidences where the motorist then gets into a dangerous situation.

Take, for example the case of a 22 year old Huron East man.

Early Tuesday morning, he disregarded a road closed sign on Airport Line near Dashwood Road in Bluewater. The road was closed because a large tree had fallen bringing hydro lines with it.  The man found that out when his brand new car met the tree head on, totaling the vehicle.

He escaped injury but not a careless driving charge and a charge for driving on a closed highway.



National Pun Day in honour of St. Thomas resident Mark Bottineau

Wednesday, 18 April 2018 13:53 BD
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He lived for puns, especially those you would call real groaners. And now Mark Bottineau is being remembered through puns. Family and friends are looking to establish April 19th as National Pun Day in Canada. That day is not only his birthday, Bottineau died April 19th of last year, eight months after the St. Thomas resident was diagnosed with cancer. Mark became synonymous with puns at a really, really difficult time in his life, explains Tara McCaulley. In true Mark style, he provided laughter, love and hope to his family and friends during his short battle with cancer, adds McCaulley. They have a website at and a Facebook page at the mark bottineau pun of the day, where sample groaners are posted daily. McCaulley and family members are asking people to share joy and laughter on April 19th by posting a favourite pun on Instagram, Ttwitter, Facebook or whatever social media vehicle you use. You can add #nationalpunday.


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